Friday, January 27, 2012


I finished another WIP started in 2011. A second pair of socks. Can you tell that I like knitting socks??

Cappuccino Sneaker Socks
These were knitted with 1 ball (50gr) of Regia Design Line sock yarn that was left over from another pair.

Closeup of the cuff

Stupid me, I knit the first sock on a 2.5mm needle (US 1.5) and the second on a 2.25 (US1). Hopefully, they will fit my Mom, who has a smaller foot than me.

So this makes 2 finished projects of 12 for 2012. I wonder if it counts because I started 2 more?? Hmmm.

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Lita said...

I like your daily verse on the blog. Found you on Ravelry Comment Train. I hope your pause in blogging is not because of difficulty and that you are still finding time to do fun creative things.

wallita on Ravelry