Thursday, November 29, 2007

As Promised...

As I promised, here are the new socks I finished. I think that I will gift them to MIL for Christmas. I gave her a pair last year and she liked them. So I hope that she will like this pair.

Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern 2x2 Rib
Source: Nancy Bush
Yarn: Sisu Fantasy
Color: 9367
Needle: US2

On other news, I have started seaming the Perfect Tee Sweater. Maybe I will be able to wear it in the spring. I don't think a cotton sweater is appropriate in 36 degree weather.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I finally received my invitation to Ravelry. I have a lot of computer duty to upload all of my yarn, projects, etc.

I had 2 skeins of Filatura DiCrosa Primo that I won at guild meeting last month. I wanted to make a pair of fingerless mitts. So, I used Ravelry to research patterns. There were a lot of patterns to choose from. This is what I came up with:

Pattern: Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets
Source: knittyknotty
Yarn: Filatura DiCrosa Primo
Color: 293 (Purple)
Needle: US7

More finished knitting to come!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Other Interests

This fall we have been doing other things. Check out my 9th grader. He is the second tuba from the left.

Now to get some pictures from my 7th grader's band. He is playing the trombone. His second parade is Veteran's Day.(Monday)


Has it really been 3 months since I posted anything? My apologies. I have no excuse except I have been knitting and not blogging. Mostly starting projects and not finishing them. I have way too many UFO's!! Then today I set up my profile on Ravelry. Something else to play with!!

On to knitting: I completed the Perfect Tee. But, I decided it looked like a tent on me. So, I ripped it up. I am up to knitting the second sleeve. Only a few more inches, then the dreaded seaming up. I may get to wear it next spring, since it is already November.

My bad! I didn't re-skein the yarn and give it a bath, etc., etc. (as instructed in Knitting Daily). There doesn't seem to be a lot of memory in the yarn. But it is cotton yarn: Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale. Maybe that makes a difference.

I had started the Lizard Ridge Afghan from Knitty, but I didn't like how the short rows were working, so I scrapped that project. Be on the look out for my solution to 20 single balls of Noro Kureyon Yarns.